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Wisdom of Fortune Cookies

I never saved fortune cookie messages. Sure, they are fun when you are sitting at the table sharing with others, but no real revelations. Like many, I have been unhappy with many of the new fortune cookie fortunes. They are not really “fortunes” – you know?

Now, I have two fortunes that I have in my wallet so I can see every time I open it. This is their stories.

  1. You will find yourself in a position of dignity in the end. – This is one of those messages that people don’t usually like to get. Ones that say,”You will meet someone special today” or “You will gain something you have always wanted” are usually the coveted cookies. The thing is, this fortune cookie was cracked at a very undignified time in my life. I was sick and on pain meds. If you have ever been on pain meds, you know that you are not treated well. You are drug tested, you get dirty looks at the pharmacy, and people just dismiss you as an addict. I would also get stomach pains so severe that I could only lay and moan, or stand and moan. Whatever position I was in when they started, I had to stay in. I couldn’t move. So there was a couple times I would be standing in the bathroom moaning and crying out – while my pants were down around my ankles. My family would just stand there and watch helplessly. I wasn’t feeling very dignified. This fortune was just what I needed. It represents that one day I will feel better, I will work steady again, I will be able to do more chores again, I will be whole again.
  2. The measure of time to your next goal is the measure of your discipline. – I am a procrastinator that comes from a long line of procrastinators. It is hard for me to get motivated to do things when I don’t see an immediate gain. This trait is probably easy to see if you look at the publishing dates of my blogs. I go in fits and starts. It doesn’t help that I am on medicines that make me feel lazy and relaxed. I write for others, but my dream is to make a living writing for myself – my blogs, my books, my poems, whatever. When writing for others, I get paid when I turn in my work, so I get it in quick so I can make that money. For my own stuff, I do it whenever..I put it off…I make no money with it right now, so it is easy to make excuses to myself. I got this fortune a couple days ago and it really speaks to my issues right now. It lit a fire under me, and hopefully I can keep it lit.

Have you ever received a fortune from a fortune cookie that really spoke to you? Please share in the comments. Thanks!

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