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Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

My daughter got me an early Mother’s Day gift when she was out-of-town with family last week. I just love it. She knows exactly what I like. It got me in the mood to do a gift list. When you get the right gift for mom, life just seems to go better.

Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

1. Purple Agate Bookends – Perfect for the avid reader, these beautiful bookends are each one of a kind. They are a nature made conversation piece that your mom will love to show off. If these aren’t the right gift for mom, check out Earthbound Trading Company. They have tons of hand-made, unique gift items.

2. Oil Diffuser Set with Oils – I will have to find a way to show my husband this set. My diffuser recently gave up the ghost. This set has a nice wood style oil diffuser with 16 of the most popular essential oils. Aromatherapy is very trendy right now and something I can vouch for. This makes a great starter kit for Mother’s Day.

3. Annabelle Doll – My husbands mother is a doll collector. This unusual doll is from the horror flick, The Conjuring. It would work for a doll collector or a horror buff. Actually, I may get it for my daughter for her birthday. Maybe not, she probably would be scared to sleep with it in her room.

4. Birth Stone Charm Bracelet – A nice variation to the “Mother’s Ring”, this bangle bracelet is quite stylish. In fact, I think I would prefer this gift for mom over the more traditional rings. You also get to put the initial of the children with the birthstone – a unique touch. For great personalized gifts for mom, just browse Etsy.

5. Guided Meditations – I listen to guided meditations almost every day. They are great for relaxing and unwinding. One of my favorite guides is Jason Stephenson. He is on YouTube, but he also sells CDs for all different kinds of needs – sleep, stress relief, healing, etc.

6. All-Natural Yoga Mat – These Eco-friendly yoga mats are great for your Earth angel mom. I love doing yoga on natural mats. They really make you feel grounded. Mats are not just for yoga. My husband uses a mat for sit ups and other exercises. They are great for laying out on the beach and in the yard, too.

7. Herb Garden Kit – This kit has everything your mom needs to start her very own herb garden. Great for the culinary mom or the mom with the green thumb. This particular one is from Bed Bath & Beyond, but you can find other styles at various places online.

8. Planner Stickers – This is a great gift for the mom who is never without her day calendar.  These stickers will bring flare to any calendar or planner. If you don’t think these are the right ones, they have plenty others to choose from at The Happy Planner.

9. Cooling Towel – You don’t have to spend a lot to get a great gift for mom. I used to have an outdoor job, and these towels were a life saver. If your mom does outdoor activities, she will appreciate this gift in the hot summer heat.

10. Summer Emergency Kit – A cute gift for the poolside mom. Give this gift to your beach bunny mom to avoid getting burned this Mother’s Day. Everything your mom needs from flip-flop fixer to bandages.

11. Roadside Emergency Kit – Your mom always made sure you were safe, now you can do the same for her. This kit will do in all sorts of emergencies. It just depends what you classify as an “emergency”. If you want a real rough and tough kit, click here.

12. Beginner Harp – Now that you are out of the house, your mom has time to do all those things that she dreamed of. Maybe one of those things was learning an instrument. I always wanted to learn the harp, but you can get whatever you think your mom would like as a Mother’s Day gift.

13. Closet Organizer – Is your mom a clothes horse? Does she shop till she drops – and then some? She would love a closet organizer. They have all types with a variety of prices, but think of the money she has spent on you. If you have it to give, why not give it to mom.

14. Coaster Set – After all that yelling, “Put your drink on the coaster!!”, it finally sank in. Show her you were listening by getting her a new coaster set. They have all kinds to pick from at CafePress.

15. Affordable Art – In the home or at the office, nice art can help calm and inspire. If you don’t have to spend a lot to get a nice work of art. Whether it is original or a print, art makes a great gift for mom on Mother’s Day.

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